Last Update: October 13 2005


Internationalization :

As of version 0.7 pavuk has NLS support via GNU gettext library. This allows pavuk to speak more native languages.

Available message catalogs :

Language Encoding Download Author Status
Czech iso-8859-2 po Petr Vyhnalek
Petr Cech
58 untranslated
French iso-8859-1 po Frederic Toussaint
58 untranslated
German iso-8859-1 po Jürgen Grieb
Colin Marquardt
Dirk Stöcker
all translated
Italian iso-8859-1 po Antonio Fragola 260 untranslated
Japanese EUC-JP po SATO Satoru 287 untranslated
Polish iso-8859-2 po Przemysław Sułek 351 untranslated
Slovak iso-8859-2 po Stefan Ondrejicka all translated
Spanish iso-8859-1 po Javier Comeron 240 untranslated
Ukrainian KOI8-U po Dmytro O. Redchuk 261 untranslated

If you want to create message catalog for your native language or update one of the catalogs, please contact the administrators of pavuk.

If you don't know how to handle a message catalog, read documentation from GNU gettext package.